Street Comfort

The KW Street Comfort coilovers,
for your comfort-oriented driving pleasure.

If your original suspension is too hard for your everyday life , or dislike the comfort of your installed aftermarket suspension kit , then the KW Street Comfort sport suspension is the perfect solution for better driving comfort. It combines a minimal lowering thats within the vehicle-specific adjustment range of 10 to 40 mm with a comfort-oriented damper setup developed by KW test engineers from numerous test runs in everyday life and on our KW 7-post rig.

Suspension too hard? KW Street Comfort is the answer

Whether its long trips on the motorway, or many miles on country roads, with KW Street Comfort coilovers you can enjoy a comfortable setup. The shorter KW damper housings enable a comfortable setup despite the lowering. The KW Street Comfort coilovers include comfort-oriented damping and spring characteristics which are perfectly adjusted to each other. Additionally the KW Street Comfort coilovers allow you to individually adjust the rebound damping to suit your driving style and your sense of comfort.

Adjustable comfort – “no more hard times”

With KW Street Comfort coilovers you can influence the handling and comfort by the individually adjustable rebound damping. With 16 precise clicks, you can adjust the KW dampers to a be more comfortable or a little firmer without affecting the compression damping. By increasing the rebound force with the adjustment wheel, the body movements are reduced giving you more direct steering and cornering stability. If you change to bigger wheels than the wheel / tire combination that came from the car manufacturer, you can adapt the rebound damping to the driving behavior of your car and your new alloy rims perfectly. You can also reduce the rebound forces with a few clicks to gain even more comfort – just as you have always desired from a sport suspension.

Lowering of 10 to 40 mm

The KW Street Comfort coilovers made of stainless steel technology “inox-line” enable a vehicle-specific lowering within the TÜV-tested adjustment range of 10 to 40 mm. So you do not have to accept a fixed lowering of a conventional spring kit any more. Due to the delicate processing and use of high quality components, the KW Street Comfort coilover struts in stainless steel are 100 percent corrosion-resistant and have an unlimited life.

The functioning of the lowering in connection with the dirt resistant trapezoid thread and the composite collar will not be affected even after many years of driving. With the individual lowering adjustment range, you can emphasize the sportiness of your vehicle visually.

  • Stainless steel technology “inox-line”

  • Minimum lowering

  • TÜV-tested adjustment range

  • High quality components for a long life

  • Comfort-oriented damper setup

  • Adjustable rebound damping

Setup – Adjustable rebound damping with 16 clicks.

KW Street Comfort coilovers are produced to focus solely on your driving pleasure. That´s why our test engineers are testing on numerous freeways and country roads for you. The KW Street Comfort coilovers are suitable for all frequent travellers and families who want to combine the pleasure of minimal lowering and driving comfort.

Rebound damping on the front axle                               Rebound damping on the rear axle


Structure and function of a KW coilover kit

KW coilovers are built with 100 percent corrosion resistant stainless steel strut housings that allow you to adjust the height at all times. With our dirt resistant trapezoid thread and durable composite height adjuster, collar adjustment is still possible after many years of driving pleasure.

The polyamid composite collar:

Polyamid Gewindering

In contrast to anodized adjustable spring seats made of aluminum, at KW we use a durable polyamid composite collar with a stainless steel insert. Even with the influence of dirt particles, such as brake dust or sand grains, the polyamide composite collar will not be damaged.