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We are your premier BRABUS dealer, a company that has earned our industry topping accolades through years of experience and customer service. We specialize in offering car owners the parts they need to tune their luxury rides to perfection. We source our parts from the leading automotive manufacturers and make them available in one secure, easy to access convenient location.

We have spent more than 10 years leading the country’s BRABUS industry, and have developed long-term relationships with companies such as 1016 Industries, 463 Industries, ABT, BBS,  Brabus, Capristo, Lumma Design, Mansory, StarTech, TechArt, and Vorsteiner. These companies manufacture the aftermarket parts you need to truly tune your ride to your liking, and our unique connections allow us to give you the best deals and the best picks from their lineups at great prices.


If you require a more automotive-oriented mind to handle your car’s tune-up, we offer complete, in-house car services, and have the expertise to build cars from the ground up in our facilities. Regardless of your tune-up needs, we can provide the highest quality service and parts available. All our services are provided by industry-leading mechanics with a deep understanding of the luxury cars we cater to.

Unparalleled Experience

While we’ve only been the leading BRABUS dealer for a decade, we have performed some of the best work in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. Over those 20 years, we have mastered the art of tuning up luxury cars and dedicated our time and resources to sourcing the best parts possible. The amount of experience and customer understanding we have can’t be found anywhere else in the automotive industry, and no one else is capable of providing the same high-quality services that we do.

If you’re on the market for tune-up parts or services, 3W Distribution LLC has the contacts, experience, and dedication you need to turn your luxury car into something beyond just a ride. Don’t waste time with other distributors. Call 3W today!

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