RECARO Pole Position N.G.:  Feel the Difference

The RECARO Pole Position N.G. racing seat provides the best starting position for racers seeking to compete for podium places.  You only have to sit in a RECARO racing seat to “feel the difference”. Professional and amateur racers gain the competitive edge they seek with a RECARO racing seat.  Over 50 years of racing seat technology and meticulous manufacturing expertise come together in the RECARO Pole Position N.G.  The Pole Position N.G.’s ergonomic S shaped shell forms to the back.  The “built-in” lumbar support provides structured support for the lower back that protects against spinal compression in high impact accidents.  Combined with high quality foam the seat is outstandingly comfortable.  The bolsters and deep seat cushion pocket cradle your body.  The seat holds you firmly in place preventing the fatigue and discomfort caused by unwanted movement during aggressive driving maneuvers.  The seat is so comfortable you will not want to get out of your RECARO Pole Position N.G. racing seat.  Gain the edge over the competition with RECARO.


  • FIA Certified and Crash Tested

  • RECARO Proprietary Ergonomics

  • Aggressive Thight & Torso Bolstering

  • Lumbar Cushions

  • Screw Mounted Panels and Belt Slots

  • Replaceable Seat and Backrest Cushions

  • Flame Retardant Upholstery – (Velour Cloth)

  • Long Lasting High Quality Upholstery

  • High Quality Durable Foam

  • Suitable for 4,5 or 6 Point Harness

Pole Position N.G.


Red Jersey & Red Suede

Black Velour Cloth

Blue Velour Cloth

Red Velour Cloth

Black Vinyl & Grey Suede

Black Leather


Weight:  17 lbs / 7.7 kg

Max Height:  33.5 inches / 850 mm

Max Length:  31.8 inches / 810 mm

  • Dimensional drawing includes measurements with Standard Steel RECARO Pole Position Side Mounts

  • Check with an authorized RECARO dealer / installer for measurements with RECARO Universal Steel or Aluminum Side Mounts

  • Check with an authorized RECARO dealer / installer for measurements and fitment in your vehicle including your selected RECARO Mounting Hardware