F87 M2

HAMANN has developed a hot offer for the smallest BMW with M power – the personality kit. Thanks to this package M2 customers can have their vehicles optimised according to preference: either with aerodynamics upgrade, power advancement or sports exhaust system. Every component fulfils HAMANN’s high demand regarding precision and detailed improvement.


There is no doubt, the BMW M2 has a striking face. But only the small but excellent HAMANN aerodynamics upgrade makes it unique. A front spoiler that expands across the whole vehicle width and perfectly concludes the radiator front at the bottom. The “cherry on the cake” is the optional, centred carbon-fibre insert underneath the grille. However, HAMANN does not leave it at that, but additionally offers high-grade attachment parts for the complete M2: from a high-quality sill kit – also with extra wingtips in front of the rear wheel arches – to the rear spoiler and diffuser à la HAMANN design in vehicle colour. Small winglets on the left and right set distinctive racing accents and are the perfect completion of the optional stainless-steel sports exhaust system from HAMANN, which is decorated with four pipes equipped with carbon-fibre or classical, silver or black anodised tail pieces. With an additional control unit to optimise the ignition map HAMANN increases the power of the 3.0-litre six-cylinder from 370 hp to 420 hp (272 kW to 309 kW). The torque is increased from 465 Nm to 530 Nm. Together with the six-gear manual transmission or the optional seven-gear dual-clutch transmission the M2 sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. And there is another cherry on the cake: HAMANN not only delivers tested quality, but also offers insurance cover for this power advancement, if desired.

F85 X5M

In the SUV segment the BMW X5M F85 SUV is the ultimate solution for driving pleasure. The X5M tuning from Hamann includes all areas of classic vehicle tuning. Starting with use of carbon parts, combinations of light alloy wheels, and extending to performance enhancements with a complete reworking of the vehicle's engine electronics with our signature engine characteristics, the X5M fan finds everything that friends of vehicles from the Bavarian capital could desire.


The Hamann muffler systems with 4 tailpipes also discreetly impart the BMW X5M performance enhancement to the fan acoustically. Never loud, yet nonetheless always present acoustically, they give the driver an immediately perceivable impression of load status and power-train rpm at all times. If need be, the sport exhaust systems can be combined with optimized Y-pipes left and right that have high-quality and efficient catalytic converters with 300 cells per square inch.


The basic vehicle, the BMW X5M in standard condition is already more than properly motorized with 575 hp / 423 kW and a maximum torque of 750 Nm at 2200 - 5000 rpm, however with its tuning package Hamann provides a significant supplemental boost: With the BMW X5M performance enhancement capacities of up to 640 hp/ 471 kW are possible as part of the X5M tuning. The broad range, in which the maximum torque of what is now 840 Nm is applied, does not change at 2200 - 5000 rpm compared to the factory standard basic vehicle; this has an extremely positive effect on the daily usefulness of the performance-enhanced vehicle.


front bumper widebody for BMW X6 F16

set of front fenders widebody

set of side skirts widebody

door panels widebody 4-pieced for BMW X6 F16

rear fender extensions 2-pieced for BMW X6 F16

rear bumper widebody 3-pipe central for BMW X6 F16

rear wing including side flaps in carbon black

set stone protection film


front bumper widebody for BMW X6M F86

set of front fenders widebody

set of side skirts widebody

door panels widebody 4-pieced for BMW X6 F16

rear fender extensions 4-pieced for BMW X6M F86

rear spoiler 3-pieced

set stone protection film